Learning to Trust About Love



When I was a young girl preachers terrified me when they shouted about damnation and hellfire. Even Jesus’ words aren’t so gentle when He talks about outer darkness and gnashing teeth. I have wondered what is good about this gospel, this “good news”?

Recently, Pastor John Seraphine explained a passage I’d skimmed over that startled me: “If the master finds his servants watching when he arrives, even if it’s in the middle of the night, he will wrap a towel around himself and serve.”

Serve? God will serve us? Seraphine explained that, if we watch for God, He will help us.

Well, I’ve been watching for God since I was a girl and have become convinced that He does kneel. He does serve us, often through the people He sends.

Years ago Father MacFarlane invited his St. Barnabus congregation to go deeper in prayer. I met with him. He listened with a wisdom that spoke from a deep, distant, quiet place.

I wanted to help people. He said, “Maybe pay attention to your love for horses.” Those horses led me straight to my work teaching.

He midwifed the changes that shook me loose from dating unkind men. MacFarlane held his breath when I told him about Bruce, but we have been married 30 years. By learning to trust Bruce’s love, I have come closer to learning to trust God’s.


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