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My Interview with Patricia Durgin of Marketers on a Mission

By August 2, 2018Writing

This week Patricia Durgin of Marketers on a Mission interviewed me with regards to my writing work. She titled it: Even Former Publicists Can Find Marketing a Challenge. She is a masterful interviewer drawing out my writing story. Here’s the link: I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

I met Patricia on Facebook through mutual friends. She surprised me by admiring my photographs. I’ve started posting them because the audience on Facebook seems to want images more than writing. My mind goes blank. I don’t always have a lot to say. And I want to share what I see going about my day to day life. She recognized something I didn’t see, calling forth the gift, which is in itself a good gift. She challenged me to do something more with my pictures than Facebook and blog posts. Well, I’m thinking about it.

Patricia produces Facebook Live interviews and teachings on how to market your writing work every weekday at 3:00 EST. Her talks are practical, full of heart and free. About her work she says, “It’s time (or past time?) to share what you’ve learned with the world. You know it won’t be easy. But you’re committed…to your message, your audience, and your Saviour.

“The enemy whispers, “You’re not young enough, smart enough, thin enough, or just plain…enough.” Which is, of course, a lie straight from the pit, sent to stop you in your tracks.

“Kick him in the teeth as you go out the door to share Jesus and grow your business or ministry.

“I can help you do that, as we build your strong foundation. You can’t do it alone, else you already would have, wouldn’t you? Will you become your audience’s champion, as Christ has been yours?”

This is someone who certainly understands how hard it is to put your work into the world. She is confident and generous.

If you are looking for someone to help you bring your message to a wider audience, I hope you’ll consider contacting her at Marketers On a Mission.

I also hope you’ll hear what I have to say with regards to my writing work here.

You can purchase The River Caught Sunlight on Amazon here. Or at Barnes and Noble here.