The River Caught Sunlight is officially Born today

By August 2, 2014 Horses, Writing

IMG_0071Well, today is the pub date of The River Caught Sunlight, so it has officially gone from my hands into yours. It no longer is the comfortable school master  I could return to again and again, learning new things each time, I rewrote it. There was real joy in the final editing of the book, where Joe Coccaro knew what to cut to make it read fast and knew what I needed to add to pull my reader in. Thank goodness I had the material already written and could find it in old files. Thank goodness I could do this final revision during spring break.

To celebrate, Bruce and I drove Morgen down the road. She’s doing better because Bruce thought we should keep our drives with as little trauma/drama as possible. So that’s what we’ve been doing. She’s now walking by the neighbor’s two heifers and another neighbor’s dogs calmly enough, and the mules too.

But also in celebration of River Caught Sunlight‘s pub date, I’d like to thank the people who have reviewed it on Amazon and share what they’ve said, so you know it’s not just me saying it’s a good book. C. Mothkovich says, “Using rich prose and striking imagery, the author explores the problems arising from family loyalties and rivalries, unrequited love, and conflicts of conscience…”

The River Caught Sunlight is a vivid, moving and beautifully written story filled with adventure, romance and culture clashes,” says Deborah Rogers, while Noe2rs says, “Katie Andraski is a gentle and not In-Your-Face Christian. In her book, Katie gives a perspective, of the behind the scene story, of the radical, right wing movement, that has come about over the past three decades.”

“I hope many come to find this gem of a story,” says Sheri Potmesil, “It has reminded me what a vacation from everyday stress one can find in a really good story written by a grand storyteller.”

“This book is a treasure!” says Rose Ciacco, “Shows real life in farming area of upstate New York and to anyone who has questioned their faith, God is there for you.”

Finally, Lynda Gorniewicz says, “I highly recommend it for your next book club selection…Katie Andraski is a gifted writer who paints pictures with her words.” And to be honest, I’d love to visit with book clubs about this book. I am so close to it, I’m not sure I know what it’s about any more, so I’d be interested in your insights.

Chris, Deb, Sheri, Carri, Rose, and Lynda, thank you for your kindness, for being mid wives, gentle, encouraging, as the book leaves my hands and goes to yours.

It’s been a difficult month, with the book arriving before I was ready, but it looks like you’ve graciously brought food and drinks and cleared the table of papers, sat yourselves down and enjoyed the story. Thank you. Deeply, I say it again thank you to you and the readers who are finding your way to my words. I’ve been so alone with my words, not knowing if anyone else would hear them. I’ve been afraid of my readers all these years, and here you are, sitting across the table, and we’re swapping stories, eating and drinking.

Blessings and all good things.

This is linked over at Kelli Woodford’s place. (You have got to read the stunning essay she has posted there.)


  • Yay! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

  • rheapatel22 says:

    Your blog is great and really interesting! I was hoping you could kindly visit my blog and like or comment on anything you found interesting?

  • joepote01 says:

    Oh, wow! I didn’t realize it has only just been released.

    I’ve got the Kindle copy and am looking forward to reading it right after I finish my current novel – ‘The Breaking of Ezra Riley’ – which I’m really enjoying. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

    Congratulations on the book release! What an accomplishment!

    • katiewilda says:

      Oh I’m so glad to hear that you love The Breaking of Ezra Riley. I hope you read all of the books in the series and maybe write about them on your blog. Moore is such a good writer.

      Thanks for the congratulations on my book. Yeah it was just released. I’m going with the “It’s a marathon” view of getting the word out on it.

  • Beth Hess says:

    You have laid your words on the altar as a sweet offering of incense. You have done as you were instructed. Write. Publish. Offer it. And now the distance and depth of its aroma around the world is in the hand of the one who loves you the very, very most. No matter the “results” … the obedience to the call is its own reward. (And add me to the “can’t wait to read it” list!)

    • katiewilda says:

      Oh Beth, thank you so much. You have a gift for saying just the right thing. What kind, kind words. I need to remember this, “And now the distance and depth of its aroma around the world is in the hand of the one who loves you the very, very most.” Thank you.

      And I did find the obedience to the call, its own reward because I found so much healing writing this book.

      I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the book too!

  • David Wolfe says:

    Hey Katie… Dave Wolfe from V’ville…. Patti Duncan told me about your book and I am SO looking forward to reading it!

    • katiewilda says:

      Dave Wolfe, thank you so much for looking forward to reading my book. You might see some familiar names and places. Let me know what you think about it too!